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It’s so frustrating to live in a society that consistently blames the victim

Who do you blame when there’s a burglary? The homeowner for owning an enticing house or the criminal who broke and entered? Does anyone say “it’s the bank’s fault for having that much money on hand to begin with” after hearing of a bank robbery?

Most likely the answer to both of those is no.

Yet people somehow seam to blame a women who was raped for enticing their rapist. And a celebrity who’s had their photos hacked for “having those nudes to begin with”

A rape victim is just that, a victim
A victim of hacking is just that a victim

The victim blaming doesn’t end there, a pedestrian who is struck by a car should’ve been paying attention to their surroundings (which is true) but let’s say they had the right away and was paying attention, it’s easier for a car (who should also be aware of their surroundings… just saying) to stop and avoid hitting them than it would be for the pedestrian to jump out of the way of the car. The examples could go on and on and on.

And why does society blame the victim? Is it because they don’t want to take responsibility for creating a culture that promotes things like rape and glorifies criminal activity?

Whatever the reason this has to stop

"This is your bank calling regarding a few purchases on your account, you’ve spent 1,100 dollars today and we are worried because frankly, you don’t usually have that much money to spend. We just want to make sure these aren’t fraudulent charges"

While I was leaving work, with my bike helmet in hand, a co-worker asked me what I plan to do in the winter because biking just isn’t sustainable and can’t be a permanent solution, I answered with: I believe you are talking about gasoline.

If you ever need to talk to someone: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.

Just leaving this here

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