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People who are freaking out and complaining about a new Fantastic Four movie obviously never paid attention to the comics. Don’t get me wrong The fantastic four movies were great, but they need to reboot them to complete the Avengers series (Acts of Vengeance) & obviously Chris Evans can’t be Captain America & Johnny Storm. Realistically they will need to tie the Wolverine and Spiderman franchises (as well as several others within the marvel universe) into this too to actually complete the whole series. I just went nerdy, Sorry.

Today, February 11th 2014, Thousands of Websites are Protesting Surveillance.

I’m burning down all of these memories
Throw the ashes out to sea
Forget that you said you’d never change anything

Today, on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, I would like to remind you not





to forget that King’s family pursued a court case against the US in 1999 for assassinating MLK Jr. and WON. That’s a fact that is always conveniently left out of history books. Don’t let them turn him into their own personal puppet doll that says “I have a dream” when you pull the string, please. 

are there any other sources for this

here’s one from the department of justice

Holy crap I didn’t know this. Fuck.